Altruistic Surrogacy in which no charges, expenses, fees, remuneration or monetary incentive of whatever nature, except the medical expenses and such other prescribed expenses incurred on surrogate mother and the insurance coverage for the surrogate mother, are given to the surrogate mother or her dependents or her representative.

    Who can opt surrogacy:
    1. She has no uterus or missing uterus or abnormal uterus (like hypoplastic uterus or intrauterine adhesions or thin endometrium or small uni-cornuate uterus, T-shaped uterus) or if the uterus is surgically removed due to any medical conditions such as gynaecological cancer.
    2. Intended parent or woman who has repeatedly failed to conceive after multiple In vitro fertilization or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection attempts. (Recurrent implantation failure).
    3. Multiple pregnancy losses resulting from an unexplained medical reason. unexplained graft rejection due to exaggerated immune response.
    4. Any illness that makes it impossible for woman to carry a pregnancy to viability or pregnancy that is life threatening.
    Surrogacy Procedures:
    1. A certificate of a medical indication in favour of either or both members of the intending couple or intending woman necessitating gestational surrogacy from a District Medical Board.
    2. The intending couple is in possession of a certificate of essentiality issued by the appropriate authority.
    3. An order concerning the parentage and custody of the child to be born through surrogacy, has been passed by a court of the Magistrate of the first class or above on an application made by the intending couple or the intending woman and the surrogate mother, which shall be the birth affidavit after the surrogate child is born.

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    • Under the Surrogacy (Regulation) Act, 2021, a woman who is a widow or a divorcee between the age of 35 to 45 years or a couple, defined as a legally married woman and man, can avail of surrogacy if they have a medical condition necessitating this option.
    • The intended couple shall be a legally married Indian man and woman, the man shall be between the ages of 26-55 years and the woman shall be between the ages of 25-50 years, and shall not have any previous biological, adopted, or surrogate child.
    • It also bans commercial surrogacy, which is punishable with a jail term of 10 years and a fine of up to Rs 10 lakhs.
    • The law allows only altruistic surrogacy where no money exchanges hands and where a surrogate mother is genetically related to those seeking a child.


      The bill seeks to allow only altruistic surrogacy to the intending infertile Indian.
      The married couple between the age of 23 to 50 years for females and 26 to 55 years for men.
      Intending Couple means a couple who have a medical indication necessitating gestational surrogacy and who intend to become parents through surrogacy.
      Intending Woman means an Indian woman who is a widow or divorcee between the age of 35 to 45 years and who intends to avail the surrogacy.
      The surrogacy law of India makes it mandatory for the couple to obtain a certificate of essentially and eligibility before proceeding with surrogacy.
      She must be a married woman having a child of her own. The surrogate should be between the age of 25 to 35 years of age. She should not have been a surrogate earlier and must not be certifiably mentally and physically.
      A child born out of surrogacy is the biological child of the intending couple. The newborn child shall be entitled to all rights and privileges available to a natural child.

      Surrogacy for foreigners is not permitted in India and only Indian citizens and OCI card holders can do surrogacy in India.


      The altruistic surrogacy services offered by SCI IVF Hospital are subject to Indian laws, regulations, and guidelines related to surrogacy. Users of this service must comply with all applicable laws and should seek legal counsel for any specific inquiries or concerns about surrogacy laws in India.


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